Gonna work on the site a bit today.

*doesn't say anything else and leaves mysteriously*

I haven't posted since forever


Just as the title says.

I haven't really updated my website recently uhm ohhh think of an excuse:


Anyway, nothing much has happened in my life that would be worth writing about. I might write more blog posts about stuff i find interesting though.


While I don't really have a favourite season or weather, I really missed spring. The soft noise and smell of the rain, the gray clouds contrasting with green plants, making them appear so vibrant, outside being neighter warm or cold, with small gusts of cooling air appearing from time to time, I love all of it.


guess who forgot to use git and lost a whole day of changes to the site lollz

nekoweb & website

oops I need to stop writing posts at 4am. The previous one made no sense and I had to rewrite it. sorry!

A new neocities clone came out, nekoweb. It's not much different than neocities, but it tries to fix some issues that neocities has, and it's nice to have an alternative. I wouldn't think of switching to it tbh, but it has an option to upload an entire website from a zip file (I wish that existed on neocities), which made mirroring my site on there really easy. here's a nekoweb mirror of my site. It might be out of date sometimes as it's not my priority but it's there.

As for my website as a whole, I haven't really had time to work on it sadly. uni sux.

There's a problem with my guestbook, though. Turns out that 000webhost isn't free forever, and it expires after a year. I already made a back up of everyone who posted and I will be rewriting it to use Discord webhooks, an idea I had for a while now.

back home

I read through my guestbook, and I got really surprised by how many people wrote something in there already. It's really motivating to know that people look here from time to time. Thank you for that.

In my free time I'll work on this page. I have a couple of ideas that I could provide to the site. First of which being separate pages for blog posts.

website redesign

I feel like I locked this website to one particular design now. It was themed around like old computer / television interfaces and now I don't know whether I should keep going with it or try something else. So... I have a perfect idea: As I add more pages, some of them will have wildly different styles. I will see if any of these would stick with meent styles. I will see if any of these would stick with me. I haven't really had much time to work on the website though, but I did add a secret page you can try to find right now (It doesn't contain much on it for now, but I have plans for it's future.

my birthday

Im twenty now.

And I don't really know what to think of it. I really don't feel like im ready to stop being a teen yet. Looking back, it was a pretty short time compared of the amount of time i'll (probably) be living.

When I was a child, birthdays were a pretty big thing to me, it always felt exciting to know I'm getting older. But ever since I became an 'adult', it doesn't really feel like anything. In fact, it feels kinda stressful. It makes me think like time is escaping faster and faster and I got to find my place before it runs out.

Anyway, I updated my website a bit, there is a music player now! And as more posts arrive I would like to make them into separate html pages. But that's probably after I'm finished making my site generator. I also want to make some graphics for it, as the lack of them is making the site look pretty... empty.

Next posts could be more often than this one. And be more sensible. At least I hope.


It's a new year.

I want it to be the one in which I finally take care of myself and improve. I'm a living mess and I didn't really feel that I've gotten better for years now. My everyday life feels like an endless loop where I just pretend nothing's wrong. Hopefully this won't end up like any other tries where I just give up as soon as I start feeling better.

I'm kind of starting to like this website, too. Expect changes soon: stuff like separate pages for blog posts, a better index and maybe an about me page.