about me

Hi there.

I'm a 20yr old compsci student from the middle of nowhere.

I don't know what else you can really say about me, I love music, old computers / consoles fascinate me, and I like forests and wildlife.

I pretty much grown from the internet ever since I was like 11, and I believe it had a big part making me who I am today.

For my whole life always wanted to create stuff, but my artistic skills are not quite there yet (I hope).

If you need help with html / css / js or anything related to websites or programs you can absolutely reach out. I love helping people, and that's just what I believe I do best. (scarecat@tuta.io / @scarecat on discord)

while the internet is being progressively ruined each day and I'm glad places like neocities still exist, and I adore every webmaster out there.